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2018 Signing On Night

Hi Folks, there is a Signing On Night planned for Friday 23rd February, start time 8pm ishhhh… at The Raven Hotel, Prees Heath, Whitchurch, Shropshire…. good time to catch up with your fellow club members, get your licence sorted, find out about any new rules etc… All Welcome :)

New Registration Secretary

Diane Jones has stepped down as the North Shropshire Registration Secretary, it’s not an easy job to do and Di did it very well. We are pleased to announce that Sharon Thomas has taken up this position so please contact Sharon from now on for all matters relating to your licences.


Sharon can be contacted on 01952 770 223 or Mobile 0759 436 0715 (Please only ring in the Evenings if possible)….. :)

NS Club Presentation Evening!

Please let Pat Ashley know asap if you would like tickets for this years Presentation Evening, see below details…don’t miss out on a Great Do! Pat’s mobile is: 07732 598 828


NS Club AGM date announced…

The North Shropshire club AGM is to be held on Friday 1st December, start time 8pm ish… at The Raven Hotel, Prees Heath, Nr Whitchurch, Shropshire, SY13 2AF…  very important that you attend, all welcome!

2017 Shropshire League Qualifiers names released!

The SAA National Qualifiers 2017 are as follows:
Class 1.
NS2 Josh Fowler
NS443 Ben Gould
NS63 Ross Evans (11JR)

Class 2
SR54 Lee Evason
NS204 Connor Pipe
NS93 Graham Holmes

Class 3
NS344 Sam Gould
SR55 Bob Matthews
NS41 Steve Goodwin (9JR)

Class 4
SR10 Brad Jarvis
SR13 Gaz Jarvis
NS953 Joe Bellis

Class 5
NS1 John Gaffney
NS46 Jake Williamson

Class 6
NS434 Ben Gould
NS207 Tom Pipe
SR888 Simon Hall (9JR)

Class 7
NS120 Liam Evans
NS205 Andy Pipe (2JR)

Class 8
NS20 Mike Holroyd
NS151 Tommy Chadwick
NS115 Matt Owen (12JR)

Class 9
NS3 Rhys Williams
NS4 John Williams
SR98 Chuck ‘the legend’ Jones

Class 10
SR117 TonyJones
NS52 Paul Evans

Well Done to all Drivers!!!
Could you please confirm whether you will be taking your place at the nationals at the earliest opportunity by contacting Pat Ashley or Jake Whittingham

Thats all Folks!

So we held the last race meeting at Hinton Hall on Sunday 14th May 2017, unfortunately with the sale of Hinton Hall we have now lost our venue. We are on the look out for a new track so if anyone has any ideas or leads don’t be shy get in touch with someone on the committee.


The last race meeting was a brilliant day, loads of racing, thank you to everyone that came to race, club, league and visiting drivers, it was nice to see and most appreciated…. lastly thank you to everyone that put themselves out and has helped out in someway to run the meeting’s this year, without you all we just could not do it. Cheers, Boggy

Pushers Memorial Meeting 25.09.16 ~ A message from our Chairman

Well I can’t thank everyone enough for coming to today’s race meeting in honour of our old friend and club member Geoff “PUSHER” Farmer and making it a terrific tribute to him, he would have been so proud of all the North Shropshire members who did there bit to make it a great tribute, also thank you to the visiting drivers and members of other clubs, the racing you put on today was some of the best we have seen here, Pushers family were so overwhelmed by the show of support for a great club member who we will miss so much. When I saw all of you coming out on to the track following the tractor then parking up for the tribute and ashes scattering I was so proud and choked by it, thank you all once again. Congratulations to Dan Mackenzie on winning the Champion of Champions race and being the first winner of the “Geoff Pusher Farmer Memorial Trophy”. Terrific drive, also a great drive by Tom and Connor Pipe 2nd and 3rd in champ of champs so close to winning it Tom, awesome drive by you both. 

Ernie Ashley ~ Club Chairman
















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