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14th May 2017 Hinton Hall ~ Last Meeting




& thats that for Hinton Hall. Thanks to everyone that came to make the last meeting a corker! hope to see you all at our new venue ….. Boggy NS444 x




Lots of photographs taken at our last race meeting held at Hinton Hall 14.05.2017….


Check out Andrea’s photos on her website, or on facebook Ian Francis facebook page Rally & Motorsports Photography and also Kev Roberts KR Photography facebook page.


Great shots everyone!


17th May 2015

AB Snapshots kindly visited and spent the day with us, check out Andrea’s website to see if you were snapped in action:

12th April 2015

Here’s some pics from the 1st Qualifier…… in no particular Style, Quality or Order!






and finally, here’s the bits & bobs treasure left on the start line….

That’s all folks, see ya next meeting, Boggy NS444



Sunday 13th April 2014 Meeting































































































































Thanks for coming everyone!!! If you didnt get your picture took & your upset,,,, dont be…. just come & see me on the startline at the next meeting 18th May 2014 and pose away!!! 😀

If you’ve had your picture took & you are upset… dont be… just get in touch & I’ll delete you… its easy, it takes alot less time to delete a picture than to insert a picture!! 😆






Website Photos….

The photos on the website are missing at the moment as I have reached my maximum bandwidth… as soon as I’ve decided what to do they will be back… but this may take some time… appologies if this inconveniences you in anyway.

Start Line Treasure!

Take a look at some of the treasure that was left on the start line in 2012….


Have a Good Race Season :mrgreen: