Grass Track Car Club

Licence Information

If you are interested in joining our club, please call our Registration Secretary, Sharon Pipe to check which car numbers are available. Sharon’s contact details are: 01952 770 548 or Mobile 0759 436 0715 (Ideally please only ring in the evenings ~ thank you).

 The relevant application forms and class rule books can be posted out to you. Mechanics Forms are required for anyone wishing to enter the pits area during racing and Consent Forms are required for anyone under the age of 18, please make sure you ask for these if they are required.

If you would like to support your club Members Forms are also available.

~ 2020 Race Season Licence Fees ~

Full Licence £67.00

Junior Licence £47.00

Mechanics Licence £25.00 

Club Members £25.00 

Day Licence £25.00 



* Licence Application Information *

For further information on how to apply for a Licence in the first instance please contact our Registration Secretary, Sharon Pipe. Please make cheques payable to: N.S.G.T.C.C. LIMITED.

When returning your application forms please remember to include a minimum of £1.06 1st Class * LARGE STAMPED ADDRESSED ENVELOPE for each Licence Application form (or 83p 2nd Class * LARGE). Failure to include this may result in your licence not arriving on time, potentially not being issued at all or the Royal Mail charging you extra for the delivery. The start of the Race Season is always a busy period for issuing new licenses, so to avoid disappointment we recommend that you allow at least one month for your licence application to be processed. ** Postage Charges Valid FROM 31st March 2019 **

* Remember you cannot race unless you have received your licence *

* Once you have received your new licence please sign it & put a recent photograph in it  as this is a mandatory requirement for signing on at all Race Meetings *