Grass Track Car Club

Race Dates

 ~ 2017 NORTH SHROPSHIRE (NS) Race Dates ~

 19th  March 2017 ~ 11am start   cancelled due to rain

 9th April 2017 ~ 11am start (Qualifying Round) 

  14th May 2017 ~ 11am start (Qualifying Round)  last meeting @ Hinton Hall 

 25th June 2017 ~ 11am start  (Reserve Qualifier)

2nd July 2017 ~ 11am start

The Geoff “Pusher” Farmer Memorial Meeting 17th September 2017 ~ 10.30am start


 ~ 2017 Shropshire & Telford (STAR) Race Dates ~


 26th March 2017 ~ 11.30am start   cancelled due to rain 

 16th April 2017 ~ 11.30am start (Qualifing Round) 

 7th May 2017 ~ 11.30am start (Reserve Qualifier)

  28th & 29th May 2017 (Middle of England 2 Day Meeting)

11th June 2017 ~ 11.30am start (Qualifying Round) 

1st October 2017 ~ 11.30am start 

15th October 2017 ~ 11.30am start (Reserve Meeting)

Due to the wonderful British Weather it is always advisable to check with any Clubs before travelling!

Important!! If you wish to qualify for the 2017 National Championship’s you must sign on at each qualifying round to qualify for the points system, please also note that its normal for qualifying to be discussed at both the Club & League AGM’s …. so if you have an opinion on how qualifying takes place you are strongly advised to attend your Club and League AGM’s, otherwise your vote will NOT count and your voice will NOT be heard :)


~ 2017 Fixture Lists ~

2017 National Fixture List’s are available from our Registration or Club Secretary in the new year (February ish….) the drivers night is a good opportunity to pick this up …